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A twat. Covers Him self up for being a nonce by blaming Things on other people. He asks underaged Children for nudes. He will bully you for anything .
Oh look it’s lee bastable the nonce
by Finn t September 05, 2019

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A bald fat person
Mr merrit-blann is a baldimort
by Finn t June 03, 2020

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When a bald person expels you
"Mr merrit-blann (the baldimort) please dont exbald me!"
by Finn t June 08, 2020

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a pussy. says he will fight you and then backs out of it. thinks he is relevant by trying to fight people. actually thinks hes a road man LMAO.
look its lee bastable the wannabe road man.
by Finn t May 04, 2020

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