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A level of hell derived from "The Divine Comedy" also reffered to as "Dante's Inferno", in this level, people are forced to stand in line for un-holy amounts of time, in order to get the simplest of tasks done. After standing in one line, they will be re-directed to another line and told "they are in the wrong line" after waiting 9 hours.
for raping and killing nearly 100 little boys, the poor man was sent to the 9.5th level of hell....the DMV...poor soul...
by Felix Vennegaldi March 04, 2008

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Root Words=Juice+Tsunami

When the ice gets stacked up in the back of your glass and you try to get the last bit of liquid, and the ice avalanches down, causing a mini "tsunami" of the liquid in your glass.
I was drinking apple juice at lunch today, and when i tried to get the juice at the bottom of the glass, the ice triggered a juice-nami...
by Felix Vennegaldi February 25, 2008

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noun-someone who watches a movie and repeats every line they think is funny or every line they don't understand.

these people should not be invited to movies...

1.can also be some one who just talks too much during a movie.

2.also people who ask you a question about the movie like you've seen it before
(if they think a line is funny)
Movie:"Correct me if im wrong...but i believe "diversity" is an old old wooden ship used during the civil war era..."

Cine-Parrot:haha, an old old wooden ship used during the civil war era...

(if they dont understand a line)
Movie:"Call it friend-o"

Cine-Parrot:Call it friend-o? why does he want him to do that?
by Felix Vennegaldi March 12, 2008

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A rather pudgy person who has a face/head resembling an onion or any other round shpaed object.

1.synonyms include but are not limited to: kimper,kimp,kimpkimpkimp...

2.Other words using "kimplet"
a. Kimped: to get owned by a Kimplet
b. Kimpey: A Kimplet with an unusually high voice (usually a ginger of the "day walker" sub-species)
here kimpkimpkimp, here kimplet, come get the snack...

why does that kimpey there always try and lower his voice when he's talking to us...it cracks me up.

shit dude,you just got kimped....by a kimpey...were no longer friends...
by Felix Vennegaldi March 04, 2008

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1. can be shortened to d-baggert, or just d-bag for short

2. Long version of douche bag

3. not a real person, just a nickname given to someone who is a douche bag.
im sick of this kid and his dennis baggert attitude.
by Felix Vennegaldi March 04, 2008

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A-JU-NAM-pronounced:(AY-JEW-NAM-(as in hey-jewish-& vietnam)

Anti. JUice. NAMi. device

THe lid on a cup that prevents the ice in the back of the cup from avalanching, which in turn, triggers a mini tsunami of the liguid in your cup. Also see Juice-Nami
dude#1:I almost got juice-nami'd today at A&W, but luckily i had my A-JU-NAM handy...

Dude#2:(dripping with soda) I gotta get me one of those...
by Felix Vennegaldi March 06, 2008

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Any type of general "drama" created by Barak Obama and anything he's done.

Most often refer's to all the drama built up over the church that Obama attends.
Person#1:Well i dunno man, i mean if it was something he only did on christmas and easter, but he has been attending that church for like 20 years!!
Person#2:Yeah and that crazy priest married him and his wife!!!
Person#3-(who just walked in):sighhhhh...im sick of you guys and all you Obama Drama...im outta here...
by Felix Vennegaldi March 20, 2008

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