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A small housing community about 18 miles outside of Spokane (the Meth capitol of the world)so basically a suburb. Most of the people in Suncrest are upper-middle class families. Suncrest has no post office, so if you live there your adress is "Nine Mile Falls, WA", but there is a sign saying "Welcome to Suncrest" so it IS a town. All three of the schools are located along the high way (genious idea, i know). Highway 291 essentially splits Suncrest. On one side is all of the houses and the schools and on the other side are all of the businesses and such. That is until Zips is built at which point it will be on the wrong side of the highway and totally screw up the whole order of things. The community is largely invovled in the High School's sports. you can't go anywhere without running into someone you know, or who knows your parents. There is nothing to do in Suncrest unless you want to drive to "Town" (what Suncrestees call Spokane). There is a very curvy road with 13 turns called "the river road" (because it is along the river) separating Suncrest from Nine Mile Falls (which consists of a feed store, a gun place, a gas station, a coffe stand, and a post office). To get to Suncrest from "town" you must go up a very large hill (that gets closed atleast once a winter) called "Big Sandy". With gas prices so high it is very expensive to live in Suncrest.
I was driving out to Suncrest from town and I passed your brother on the River Road
by Felicia McConnell July 11, 2008
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