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He whipped out his shlinger and pissed all over the place

You see, that's a big shlinger
by Faux Sheez January 27, 2011

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Verb and/or Adjective

Used to describe someone or something that is strengthened by their geographic origin or location, California.

Someone from California that is tough as nails

Something from California that is unbreakable

To make strong or increase strength of
The rock is Califortified (hard and strong from California)

The fabric, handmade in California, is nearly bullet proof, it's Califortified.

She was attacked by a great white shark off the coast of California and lived, she's Califortified.

A bear or mountain lion is no match for someone that is Califortifed

They moved from a suburban area to a tough region in California and are now Califortified.
by Faux Sheez September 26, 2011

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Shneeze Shhhh - Knees

A combination of two bodily functions;
1. Shit, the human excretion function
2. A Sneeze

Generally, the two are combined while one is sitting in a bathroom stall; one inhales strong defecation odors seconds before sneezing, then, while sneezing their bowels continue to defecate, sometimes in spraying like a sneeze from the anus.
John was sitting in the office bathroom stall taking a work dump when a sudden sneeze came on, he inhaled strong poop odor before letting out a Shneeze.
by Faux Sheez January 27, 2011

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Swankle - pronounced: { Swang-Kull }

Similar to Swelbow

Swankle is the combination of the two words Swollen + Ankle.

Swankle is used to describe an injury in which your ankle is swollen, or constantly swollen.

Can also be used to describe an obese persons ankles, i.e. someone who has an abnormally large ankle or ankles.

Typically common in Skateboarders, BMX'rs, or a fresh ankle Tattoo.
"That's some serious Swankle"

"You're Swankle is the size of a softball!"
by Faux Sheez September 11, 2011

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