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Body Beautiful is a club for fat people who subscribe to the notion that it is society’s fault that they are unattractive. Rather than set foot inside a gym, they choose to appear on MTV’s “Real Life: I’m happy to be fat” and create a campus club in a convoluted scheme to win a date.
“Hey, you doing anything for dinner?”
“Let’s go crash the Body Beautiful Club meeting- you know they’ll have free food”
by Ezra the Tiger February 03, 2008

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The political equivalent of running home and crying to mommy, frequently used by politicians to distract the public from relivant issues
"In the news today, Senator Obama expressed outrage that the Republican party may, at some point, say that the Senator is Black. Senator McCain expressed outrage that Obama expressed outrage about implying what the Republican party will do in the future, and further expressed outrage about the comments made by an Obama aide about McCain's military service."

"How does all of this outrage solve the problem of $150 oil; insolvent intitlement programs, and crippling governmet debt?"

"Dude, you have no idea what the important issues are in this campaign..."
by Ezra the Tiger July 14, 2008

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