5 definitions by Evan Weston

1. To crushingly defeat someone.
2. To humiliate someone.
3. To be convincingly defeated by someone.

Verb "Smog" -To Smog
Verb "Smoggle" -To Smoggle
Verb "Smogged" -To be Smogged
Noun "Smoggler" -One who Smoggles
Noun "Smoggage" -The result of a someone being Smogged
"I got totally smogged!"

"Watch me lay the smog down on this guy"

"That guy got smoggled"

by Evan Weston January 30, 2003
Problem Exists Between the Computer And the Chair.

Frequently used by IT tech support people.
What was wrong with that computer?
Don't worry it was just a Pebcac.
by Evan Weston February 9, 2003
"Watch out for the Toecutters!!!"
by Evan Weston January 30, 2003
A fart that sounds like it's trying to say something.
"Oooh! that one was a talker!!!"
by Evan Weston February 7, 2003