3 definitions by Erikimoe Garciamoe

bat-man is the budget cut cousin of Bruce Wayne (batman) and hates applesauce man. she has the ability to be drunk whenever she wants. She fights crimes with her 2 sidekicks Ro-bin and alfredo. she doesn't kill but hates

applesause-man because he kills babies.
person: Is that batman?

Bat-man: no im bat-man

person: are you drunk bat-man

Bat-man: Maybe
by Erikimoe Garciamoe February 05, 2019
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A person or animal who is found attractive because of all their body rolls. They are smart and usually have ridiculously long hair. Everyone Loves a smexxy person.
person 1: Dang, Dumbledore is soo smexxy

person 2: Ya, I wish I had his rolls.
by Erikimoe Garciamoe May 24, 2019
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monkeys are fat ugly and stupid and i hate them NOT! i am married to a monkey I am erikimoe and I love monkeys sooooooooo much.
dave: have you seen erikimoe?

billy: ya he just ate jim

dave: tell him I saw his monkeys
by Erikimoe Garciamoe February 01, 2019
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