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A ridiculous person who thinks that everyone who uses myspace will get raped eventually, it's bad for kids to have things easy, and anything with a screen is a portal into hell. basically, shortsighted bastards who exist to annoy rational people.
Adult: what are you doing?
Kid: IMing
Kid: How can that be when I'm talking to people...?
by Eric, or Gavroche April 08, 2006

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a song written by stevie nicks in 1970. Now a rock classic, it has been covered also by pop artist Lindsay Lohan and blatantly ripped off in the Destiny's Child song "bootylicious". Most people know this song as "that song with the 'ooh baby ooh said ooh'" or for its frenetic electric-guitar pick.
and the days go by
like a strand in the wind
in the web that is my own
i begin again
said to my friends, baby (stop)
nothin' else mattered
Well, he was no more than a baby then
Well, he
seemed brokenhearted
something within him
but the moment
that i first lay
all alone on the edge of seventeen
by Eric, or Gavroche April 19, 2006

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it's a religion that worships one god and all things nice and good. however, it was ruined by corrupt city officials putting bad messages in the bible, rabid followers starting huge wars over a nonexistent god, the idea that humans have to be "saved" because eve "ate the apple" or some dumb shit like that, the belief that all people who are not white straight christians should be killed and go to hell, etc. christians are known for their hatred, not the good and love they claim to practice. in short, complete blasphemy and If i could press a button to emliminate all the christianity in the world, i would do it. And all the ex-christians would thank me for freeing them from their unenlightened cult-like ways.
christianity is bullshit that says you are going to hell if:

you are not christian
you are gay
you look in the mirror too much
you eat too much
you have sex out of supposed "wedlock"
you don't do their hocus-pocus rituals
you exhibit any behavior which threatens the stability of their cult
you have an easy job
you don't kill any of the people mentioned above
you don't believe in god

gosh there's so many more i don't wanna bother.
by eric, or gavroche April 28, 2006

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