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A man's cat is a pet tomcat who acts like a tiger. This is a cool cat with an attitude, who attacks dogs from time to time, and permits no other cats on his turf. A man's cat does not hesitate to bite and scratch annoying people either. He goes straying for pussy, and chases off any rivals he encounters. One cool cat.
That dumb beagle tried to fuck with my Tomcat and got jacked up. I own a man's cat. He is a little player too. All the kittens in the hood are his.
by Eric Platt June 29, 2009
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The Melungeons are people from the Appalachians and the south. They are of triracial origin and possibly more. They have been found to be of European, Indian and in some cases African heritage. They are believed to also be of Turkish descent. They are truely mixed people and a remarkable representation of Americans. Some famous Melungeons include Elvis Presly, Abe Lincoln, and Tom Hanks. They generally appear white, but are of mixed heritage.
I'm a Melungeon so race does not mean much to me. I'm a melange/mix/mutt. I am what I am.
by Eric Platt October 2, 2007
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A lady who is on the large side, yet still sexy. Common characteristics of a BBW are a cute face, big juggs, and a big booty. They may be big but they still are fun! A big gal you would not be embarrassed to be seen with.
That porn star Deja is a BBW! That gal is hot with all the tits and ass you could desire!
by Eric Platt June 29, 2009
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Someone who is idealistic, and believes in justice, and is on a quest to save the world or someone, no matter how absurd the reality of accomplishing it is.
Eric was a Don Quixote when he thought he could save Gina from drugs. She's been hooked on crack for over a decade, and still hangs around dopeboys. He is out of his head on a lost cause.
by Eric Platt June 29, 2009
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