6 definitions by Eric DeRienzo

1. A goofy way of spelling Giraffe

2. An animation website held by Flux and Jombo.
1. Cobbler: Holy crap I just saw a juraff
Blizz: lol.

2. Nitrox: I wuff Juraff, its my favorite site. :D
by Eric DeRienzo March 20, 2009
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When a person makes a stupid or bad joke whilst everyone is having fun and laughing together, usually resulting in people going like "wtf".
Guy 1: So then she did it!
Guy 2: HAHAHA, what a bitch!
Guy 3: LOLOL
Guy 4: LMAO
Guy 3: xDDDD!!!
Guy 1: HAHA!
Guy 6: Just like ur mom! lololol
Guy 1: ...
Guy 5: ?
Guy 3: huh
Guy 2: wat.
Guy 4: .....?
Guy 3: ok then...
Guy 4: :|
Guy 2: the fuck.
Guy 2: Lame.
Guy 1: Dude...you just broke the laughter...
by Eric DeRienzo December 10, 2008
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The emoticon :D only with a nose, top hat, mustache, goatee, and is mad. Not seen commomly, but can be used in IM or emails. It's a sometimes used as a reference of an evil magician.

The 'c)' is the top hat.
The '>:' are the mad eyebrows and eyes.
The '^' is the nose.
The '{' is the mustache.
The 'D' is the mouth
The '>' is the goatee

Put it all together: c)>:^{D>
Guy 1: Look at this picture: (link)
Guy A: lol he looks like an evil magician...
Guy 1: c)>:^{D>
Guy A: rofl
by Eric DeRienzo July 5, 2008
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Another way of using the :o emoticon, meaning shocked.
Guy 1: LOL I actually did it.
Guy 2: 'o'!
by Eric DeRienzo July 5, 2008
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Castle Crashers is an amazing 2-D game created by The Behemoth for Newgrounds.com that you can download off of Xbox Live. It consists of 4 knights (red, blue, green, and yellow) who are trying to take down a wizard and it's evil barbarians.
Castle Crashers > All other games.
by Eric DeRienzo November 15, 2008
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