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Aka, "child support". A long-term and generally hefty tax created by the ultra rich in an attempt to keep men in western world from breeding.

A form of birth control passed off under the guise of "taking care of 'their' kids" (which is funny as many dadtaxee don't even get to see their offspring much less have possession of them).

The way it works is simple: Offer mom lots of free money (taken from dad) to do nothing other than "keep" kids away from dad. That is fitting as dad is forced to work most of the time using the threat of jail and the corresponding rapes/violence as incentive.
It's pretty clear cut, dad 'must' work to pay mom/lawyers/judges/social workers/psychologists and the rest of those who live from "family" (more like destroying families) courts. If he doesn't pay/work, "they" will take everything he has and throw him in a cage.
Those Nazi tactics sure make fatherhood look like a nightmare and that is the point, convince men not to have kids.
Rich guy: If you have kids, you'll become a financial slave, it'll ruin your life!

Dad: Sounds like you know all about it, did you and your buddies invent dadtax?

Rich Guy: You mean "child support"?...have to be going now.
by EqualShares? July 26, 2009
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