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A skedump occurs when one takes a shit and squeezes so hard that he stimulates his prostate and skeets.
Timmy sat on the toilet and squeezed until the giant fecal root shot into the toilet. The huge release tickled his prostate and he had a nice skeet.
by EpYoN March 09, 2005
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When somebody finally realises that they are over 25, still hang around in the parks trying to get laid, still live with their parents, and need to do something more productive with their life.
Man i've wasted my life trying to lay young chicks, i could have been earning a living than earning the reputation of a sleazy pervert
by epyon May 11, 2004
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Semen used instead of love but hate, to be hate semen'd is bad.
I totally got hate semen in her eyes
by epyon April 29, 2004
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