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Tenafly is a both wonderful and terrible place. Children are first influenced into being brats when they're born. They come from families with extreme amounts of money. Their parents give them whatever they want and they soon become the spoiled brats they were destined to be. There are a few children who's parents influence them and they become very good people. The popular girls are japs and are very rude. They dress like sluts and get not so good grades (bad). The popular boys are on every travel team thought possible from soccer to lacrosse. They tend to be extremely hot and are considered to be dicks. They also come from families with alot of money so they throw fabulous parties that are spred al over the schools to make the unpopulars feel bad about themselves. The popular boys get the best grades in the grade. In 6th grade the 4 elementary schools come together into one big middle school and all the populars already know each other so don't try to become popular in the non-existant confusion. In seventh grade the bar and bat mitzvahs start and every week end you go to the 30,000 dollar party of some rich snob who was forced to invite you by their parents. 8th grade the popular groups dissapate alittle bit and the kids start feeling more comfortable with themselves and their friends. In the 9th through 12th grade the really richh kids are easily told appart from the poorer kids from the difference in cars, from porches to station wagons these kids are really different. Then everyone goes off to colege and the popular girls end up as whores, married to rich men and get lots of plastic surgery, or work in McDonalds. The popular boys end up as millionairs because they were geniuses in the first place. No matter how big of dicks they are, their parents have enough money to pull strings on the college boards.They mostly end up as people like Madoff or back where they started in Tenafly. All the losers end up being rich and succesful and bloom into wonderful people.
Those Tenafly japs are so rude. They're all about the money Papa has in the bank.
by Emma Josette June 27, 2009
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