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Exciting, original, and most definitely cosmopolitan. Elpiniki is the name of a Superheroine with dramatic and creative powers, and the ability to make jokes in many languages.
Elpiniki laughed her terrible laugh "Mwahahahahaha!", and with a swish of her cape disappeared into the night, leaving the criminal mob tied up with their own underwear to await the arrival of the police.
by Elpiniki's arch nemesis February 06, 2010

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Happiness of a consistent nature that endures for a long time. One who gives such consistent happiness through friendship may be called Gleavey.
Gleavey has been my best friend and most consistent cheerer-upper since 1986
by Elpiniki's arch nemesis February 09, 2010

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Descriptive term for emphatic gestures used to enhance conversation.
She shaped her speech with pozzoli hands.
by Elpiniki's arch nemesis February 08, 2010

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The fluff that gathers between toes, in bellybuttons, and has no known origin. Also used in Superhero Comics as an innocuous sound effect during punches.
Smuff! "Take that Korditch. Now no-one will know that I xxxxxx, am actually (superhero name), international playboy, multimillionaire."
by Elpiniki's arch nemesis March 25, 2010

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