5 definitions by Elizabeth Midford

It's a censored version of faggot. A lot of media sites have that word banned, but some members of the LGBTQ+ community like to reclaim that word and use it. It could also be used when you're not out to everyone around you, but still want to talk to those who you are.
Me: I'm such a friggit.
Bob Duncan: Same.
by Elizabeth Midford May 27, 2020
If someone is on a roll. They are constantly doing something good like getting a correct answer, or maybe getting asked out by multiple people.
Facebook: You got a new follower.
Friend: That's six today! You're on fire!
by Elizabeth Midford April 2, 2018
Not fuckable. Cannot fuck. Fuck may not.
The girl is in my dreams is ineffable, however we kiss sometimes. It's cuz I'm asexual and don't dream that way.
by Elizabeth Midford July 14, 2020
Jacksepticeye's pet plushy Sammy. Sammy has been given that name with the circumstances of if the owner of said plushy wishes "it" to be a boy or girl.

Sammy (if you need more information) is green, where it's iris is cerulean blue, amd the pupil is black.

Sammy, being the Septiceye and all, is the mascot of Jacksepticeye's channel.
Oh boy, for Christmas I got Sammy the septiceye!
by Elizabeth Midford December 10, 2016
We're a couple when our bodies double.
Brian Molko does not have a good day at work and I don't think I have sex.
by Elizabeth Midford April 23, 2021