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Unpolictically correct name for scumbags. Mainly used in Ireland it describes the gaudy, track suit wearing, urban dwellers who hang out in gangs looking for people to beat up for no reason (male & female), getting drunk in public places (male & female) and getting pregant at age 13 (usually only the females).
You can recognise them by the white baggy tracksuit, white and neon trainers, burberry cap and their refusal to pronounce the end of their words.

Due to the connection of the word "knacker" to the traveling community, the slightly more PC term "Skanger" is often used.
Female knacker "You were bleedin shoii in bed anyway so shut yer gob"
Male knacker: " ah would ya ever f**k off, sure I only rode ya in me car".
by Elffy October 11, 2007
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