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February 15, the day you learn almost everybody else but you got laid the day before. The day after Valentine's Day, that day you worked till 11 pm then got back home to get drunk because you didn't have a date.

February 15 is the day of misanthropy, "Hate Day", when it is mandatory to give away hatred to all of your friends, especially those who got laid the day before.

On that day, you drunk dial your ex, you troll on message boards, you post hate on Twitter, you randomly flip the bird at strangers and take 2 aspirins every 4 hours to relieve your headache.
You: So, how was your Valentine's day. Mine was horrible.

Friend: Well I wished I had been with someone else, but anyway we partied heavily.

You: What did you do?

Friend: I dropped more pills in one night than in 2 years before. Also, two pipes.

You: By "pipe", I assume you mean the object, like a bong?

Friend: No, I mean "blowjob", the act of having a girl putting her mouth around my penis.



Friend: Why?

You: It's February 15, Hate Day.
by Electric Sheep February 15, 2009
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1. Substance D is a fictional addictive amphetamine-like psychoactive drug, also known as "Slow Death", "Death" and "D", that is depicted in Philip K. Dick's novel "A Scanner Darkly". It's derived from the fictional flower "Mors ontologica".

2. By extension, Substance D can refer to amphetamine (speed).
"What he sold me as 'candy' actually turned out to be 'Substance D'."

This is a more subtle way to refer to amphetamine in a conversation if you don't want to attract too much attention.
by Electric Sheep March 16, 2009
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