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A small town i bucks county next to Sellersville, an hour north of Philadelphia surrounded by Quakertown to the north, Telford and souderton to the west, Dublin to the southeast, and Doylestown to the South. we're not spoiled and rich like Doylestown, and we only have about 10,000 people. WE have a skate park but most of the kids who use at are doucebags so it's not really fun. the only buisinesses are stores and restaurants. We also have a mcdonalds, dairy queen and ritas all filled with gay kids from the skate park. We have a bunch of chill parks and bike paths and a really small downtown. theres not much crime but if you don't skate theres not much to do and its mostly just houses. Overall its a chill place.
Perkasie is a small suburb of philly with alot of kids and not much to do.
by El Jameso August 05, 2009

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a small school district on upper bucks county, pa based in perkasie. It has schools in perkasie and sellersvile boroughs and hilltown, bedminster, East rockhill, and west rockhill townships. It has seven elementary three middle and one high school. some of the kids from hilltown are spoiled rich but other than that their mostly normal kids. we have a decent football team and our arch rival is Central bucks. It's ranked as a pretty good school district but the school taxes are kinda high. It's like 99% white and everone who isn't white act more white than the white people. theres really nothing fun to do in the districts area though. For more on the boringness of living in oennridge see perkasie
Kid 1: pennridge is boring what do you wanna do?
Kid 2: go to the skate park?
Kid 1: no all the kids there are douches.
Kid 2: buy food?
Kid 1: im broke
Kid 2: die in a hole?
Kid 1: sounds like the best option.
by El Jameso August 05, 2009

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