3 definitions by El pea

The past act of a male releasing sperm from the body out of the penis through sexual entercourse
Yo man that bitch pussy was so good I went on and Huffed in her ass
by El pea March 28, 2016
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Bro I jacked off to a porn flick last nigh and shot Huff everywhere
by El pea March 28, 2016
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To get what's coming to you in the form of brutal and harsh physical punishment from a firearm, a knife or any other deadly weapon that can result in great bodily harm or death.
" Man Rico kept on talking shit to me the other night like he wanted to do something. His pussy ass was about to get elected because I had my pistol on me."

"A homie if you run up on me you gone get elected."
by El pea April 18, 2019
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