2 definitions by El Gancho Taquero

Spanish for with everything (more specifically with all) - kinda like being in New Orleans and ordering a dressed po' boy.
Dos tacos de carne asada con todo, por favor. (Two beef tacos with everything please.)
by El Gancho Taquero March 13, 2020
New Orleans for with everything - specifically on sandwiches and such.
Me: walk into Domelici's
Her: Whatch'u want, baby
Me: Can I please have a roast beef po'boy and a Dixie beer, please?
Her: You want that dressed?
Me: Yes, ma'am.
Her: All right then.
Me: looking in bag - Uh, ma'am I didn't order a bag of Zapp's
Her: Oh, baby, that's just a little lagniappe.
by El Gancho Taquero November 13, 2020