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Literally: Go fuck an ass in Italian slang.

Used as "Go fuck yourself!"
Hey, va' fa' un culo!
by El Diablo September 15, 2003

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(1) A person who considers another person's rectum a delicacy. (2) Those who exhibit traits characteristic to "a person who considers another person's rectum a delicacy."
That fucking, assmuncher just ran a red light and cut me off.
by El Diablo February 17, 2004

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a better and sexual way to say baby
hey bab-ay, cme get some of this beefcake
by El Diablo November 19, 2004

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Gelatinous; jellylike.
Her ass was flobbity, it wiggled when she waddled up to buy another three-scoop cone and diet coke.
by El Diablo February 16, 2004

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The world's most dominant Rock Paper Scissors team. This dispute resolution powerhouse, is also referred to as the Legion of the Red Fist.
The Legion of the Red Fist recently claimed with 2003 World RPS title.
by El Diablo November 02, 2003

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a gang from dorchester that runs the hall of bch in the dot. mostly black and latino kids wit a few white kids, da crew puts fear in everybody.
u betta watch yo' back, or da crew gonna attack!!!
by El Diablo June 17, 2006

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1. Ian Gallardarski.
2. Reference call (usually spoken or shouted abruptly) to Ian Gallardarski.
(jumping onto stage) "CASSUARY!!!"
by El Diablo April 09, 2005

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