24 definitions by El Cholo

To cut, shank, stab, Inflict Knife wound-preffered by a certain non-white pigmented minority.
Im bad me juk you up star
by El Cholo April 22, 2004
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Slang terminology to mean a crackpipe. To Indulge In the Inhaling of the rock, to have a stone dependancy. Stonefiend negro.
That badmans on the can you ghet me?
by El Cholo May 27, 2004
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The best commercial bong manufacturer currently supplying In the U.K.
(exhaling plumage all over the room)"I f'kin love my waterfall I do"
by El Cholo February 18, 2004
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Police vehical In the West Midlands, yellow, blue & white controlled by a dickhead.
"Shit man that me?"
"Fuck you got the lights"
"Im gone, takin the chase"
"Dust him kid"

engine revs 2nd gear tears away hes thrapin It.
by El Cholo March 04, 2004
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substitute for an expletive- for Instance C*** or more creativly an Interesting Insult to throw at random strangers.
"Im being sent down tomorrow"
"how long?"
"um,about 3 year"
"shit kid, rasclaat blutack that Is"
by El Cholo January 30, 2004
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The regal sum of 10 English pounds.
"Heres that cock I owe you!!!!!!"
by El cholo May 23, 2004
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One a them what does stuff with the kiddies-aaarrrrgggghhhhh.
All nonces should Fuckin burn.
by El Cholo March 05, 2004
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