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Georgetown Visitation, Visi for short, is a very old all-girls catholic school in Georgetown founded by the religious order of the Visitation. The school colors are yellow, green, and white. The spring uniforms have yellow polos with green skirts. Students say they look like corn. Visi girls are generally chill people, albeit usually tired, stressed, and perpetually hungry. Many Visitation students are theatrically, athletically, and/or artistically talented. They like muffins, caffeine, chokers, headbands, sweatpants, airdropping each other memes during class, VPNs, chocolate croissants, unauthorized outerwear, and roasting their teachers around a bonfire once a year. They can be found at Saxby's, Dean and Deluca's, standing on lounge tables screaming Bohemian Rhapsody, or anywhere there are bagels.
Person 1: You look kinda tired, are you okay?

Person 2, chugging a Saxby's iced tea cup full of Red Bull: Yeah, I go to Georgetown Visitation
by Eg Nogg March 11, 2017
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