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A gay sex act in which a spotty homosexual squeezes pus out of his acne to coincide with the vinegar strokes of a blowjob he's receiving. The blower gets a faceful of acne-pus as well as a mouthful of gay jizz.
Fuck me, Quentin! What's all that crap on your face?

What do you think? You know I love getting those Briggsy Face-Squirters.
by Eddie's Thick Gristle September 20, 2008
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A new sport in gay arty circles. A group of at least 6 arty benders eat a violently hot curry and then spend an hour together in the hot tub, shitting their guts out. When the hour is up they all get out and stand on the edge of the tub with fishing nets seeing who can net the most excrement. The winner gets to eat the contents of every net whilst being gang-buggered by the losers.
Are you making another violently hot curry, Quentin?

Oh indeed Humphrey, I feel a night of Briggsy Fishing coming on.
by Eddie's Thick Gristle August 02, 2009
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A gay porn version of James Bond film "Quantum of Solace", starring Briggsy, the arty genius behind "Briggsy Does Brighton". Special agent Briggs Bond saves the world from "breeders" with the help of Q's laser-guided dildos and butt-plug bombs in between bumming every man he can get his hands on and smoking arty cigarettes.
I'm feeling rather horny tonight Cecil. We simply must go and see Quantum of Phallus with our pants down.
by Eddie's Thick Gristle August 04, 2009
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