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2010 reference to Apple's response to Antennagate
Can you say Rubber Baby iPhone Bumper five times really fast?
by EStarr(z) August 05, 2010

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Acronymic Slang and / or nickname for Vagina
I prefer to say VAJ8J...

Women do not particularily like to use the V word,

espically on film. Hoever, VAJ8J is okay to say.

VAJ8J is soo 2010!
by EStarr(z) March 10, 2010

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An Applicatioin that is Past its Prime
That App was HOT a year ago, but where is it today? In appsentia
by EStarr(z) July 20, 2010

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Term used to describe someone who utilizes the Wolfram computational search tool to find answers to questions.
He is such a Wolframmer

Amazing how much that Wolframmer knows

A Gaggle of Googlers admit to warming up to Wolframming
by EStarr(z) April 07, 2010

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Term used to describe an individual or individuals who are fluidly able to utilize multiple iPad apps to accomplish multiple tasks.
He multipadded the entire Presentation

They were multipadding homework all night

I was multipadding all the pictures and sent them in email
by EStarr(z) April 23, 2010

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Slang , can be either negative or positive .
Combo Reference to Hi-Class Gucci Couture & a Gooch
That's some A+ Gucci Gooch they've got ..

That Bitch over there is a skanky Gucci Gooch

"Honey, they don't want your Gucci Gooch stinking up the place!"

when she told all three of us that she was Queen Juicy Gucci Gooch, we knew she had flown off her rocker.
by EStarr(z) October 26, 2010

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Acronym for take one for the team
He had to t1ftt
by EStarr(Z) April 08, 2010

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