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Pat Maddox, formally Patrick Maddox, informally PAAAAAAAAAAAAT. He is a person with the temperament of a grumpy old man, yet he is under the age of 21. He reads books frequently, has awesome movie recommendations, and loves various nerdy things. His favorite color is orange, he harasses his two brothers to no end, and secretly loves his family. He has two roommates whom he calls, "cupcake" and "bran'n." He is a die hard Godsmack fan and but is open to other music as well. He loves Star Wars and actually has a Star Wars "Rebel" tattoo. He dreams of traveling the world but without a girl to motivate him, he rarely strays from his apartment. He had an evil ex, whom you must defeat in a Scott Pilgrim like battle. He is devilishly handsome, although you should never indulge him by saying that because his ego would then cause him to spontaneously combust. He treats his friends and family well, and his girlfriend is the luckiest girl in the world. His dog, however, is the luckiest in the universe. He looks fabulous and very "James Bond" in a suit and you'll have to resist the urge to rip it off him, girl or guy. He has many wannabe gay lovers, but he's too set on this one chick.

In summary, he's stubbornly loyal, hilarious, smart, wonderful, soulful individual.
"I like video games, parties, ultimate frisbee, good movies, the beach, nature, and other nerdy things. "

"Shit, it's a Pat Maddox. Run away!"
by EMU, who? January 09, 2012

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