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A mispronunciation of "chipotle."

Instead of phonetically reading the word, as "chee-POtlay," white Americans are known to reverse the "L" and "T" due to that arrangement being more common in both British English and American English.

Pronounced incorrectly as "chee-pull-tay," it is also, ironicaly, a Spanglish insult meaning, "Honkey can't pronounce borrowed words at all."
"Wanna go tuh that Chipolte res'traunt after golf, Horace?"

"Sure... how bout you, Miguel?"

(sighs) "...fine. Chee-Pot-lay is the right way to pronounce that... not chiplolte... nevermind...You guys are idiots, by the way."
by E. B. DeKalb July 16, 2011

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(noun) A "wet fart" that isn't just fecal matter, but blood.

Can have several medical causes, many of which can be traced to Mexican restaurants.

(Can also be used as a verb.)
Tequila, tequila, Tabasco sauce loaded burritos, and tequila can make a girl horrorshart the next day.
by E. B. DeKalb May 19, 2012

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(n) A person-- often an affluent white male-- who is generally considered a douchebag, but surpasses others in terms of dishonesty and disregard towards other human beings.

Named for American politician, liar, and serial adulterer Newt Gingrich.
"We started calling her ex-boyfriend a newtchbag this week after discovering he was cheating on her with not one, but TWO women... and THREE men!"

"Ick... dang. Hopefully the prick never runs for president..."
by E. B. DeKalb February 07, 2012

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A mixed drink, equal parts Patrón (often Patrón Silver) tequilaand hummingbird food.

Served on the rocks, the intense sweetness of the hummingbird food blends against any bitterness from the tequila.
Person 1: Man my buzz is wearing off...
Person 2: Funny you should say that... buzz?!? That reminds me...

Bartender: What can I get for you?
Person 2: I'll take a bird mother flutter... no, in fact I'll buy her one, too.
Person 1: What's a bird mother flutter?
Person 2: Refreshing and intoxicating!
by E. B. DeKalb July 27, 2011

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A mixed drink... usually two parts Rockstar energy cola and one part The Kraken rum.

Similar to a the much more common rum and coke, more specifically, the Captain and coke.

The Kraken rum is a touch stronger, a bit darker, and the Rockstar Energy Cola has increased caffeine presence, thus similar to the effects of a jagerbomb.
Person a: Why's it called a rocktopus? Isn't a kraken a giant squid?!?
Person b: Yeah... I heard that... ever had a night full of them, though?
Person a: No...
Person b: Well... try it. You won't ask such big questions then.
Person a: It'd be rocktopi, plural, right?

Person b: Yeah... sounds like a Pokemon...
by E. B. DeKalb July 27, 2011

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(noun) - stands for LIteral ASs KIcking.

Liaski (sometimes abbreviated instead as "L.A.K.") is game played in Hollywood, Miami, Greewich Village, and any other place that celebrities are known to congregate.

The game involves walking up behind a celebrity and touching your foot to their behind briefly.
Sometimes this is done lightly, sometimes with the force of somebody trained in martial arts.

People keep track themselves of how many famous people's asses they have literally kicked, and very usually the names, for the sake of bragging rights.

This game is non-competitive against other literal ass kickers, but often against bodyguards that famous people have on their payroll.
We got to play liaski at the latest Hollywood after party... then I got my nose broken!
by E. B. DeKalb July 27, 2011

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(n) The practice of utilizing a car trunk stocked up on baby clothes at garage sales during summer to dress up dead animals killed by other motorists.

Considered a form of community service in the state of Michigan due to the increased urgency with which other motorists will then report the roadkill.

These things get cleaned up faster when they look human.
We intended to spend next weekend's roadtrip playing roadkill dress-up, but knew that this weekend we'd first have to stock up on supplies at garage sales.
by E. B. DeKalb February 07, 2012

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