105 definitions by Dunky Oggins

To be pregnant.
It was very embarrssing for Kevin when he got Peggy up the duff, but it served him right for trying to save money by using a flak jacket.
by Dunky Oggins December 07, 2003
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Charles was very stressed: he had had some vatican roulette with his new maid and now he was worried she might be up the duff.
by Dunky Oggins January 06, 2004
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Smegma, the cheesy secretion that collects under the foreskin.
Kevin was ecstatic: Britney had just started to perform fellatio on him. Unfortunately she got a taste of his willy wensleydale, and , gagging, stormed off home. Life can be such a bitch sometimes!
by Dunky Oggins December 14, 2003
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having the appearence of silver
by the light of the silvery moon...
by Dunky Oggins October 28, 2003
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