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A robot that is currently in the role of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

The Maybot will often get caught in a loop and repeat meaningless phrases, such as "strong and secure government" or "brexit means brexit" rather than revealing actual policy
Waiter : what can I get you for breakfast
Maybot: breakfast shows why we need a strong and stable government

Person 1: what time is it?

Maybot: strong and stable government
by Drprim April 30, 2017

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The act of getting caught using a burner account to try to win and argument
John's affair came to light when he Dean Browninged his wife from his second phone
by Drprim November 11, 2020

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A group of people known for shooting down anyone who questions the merits of Brexit or suggests that it will be anything other than Alice And Wonderland After Brexit.

Often seen attacking the judiciary of other experts who point out inconvinient facts they don't like
Person 1: I don't like the idea of the country going into economic meltdown just to keep a few foreigners out.

Person 2: don't speak too loudly The Brexitaliban will be after you
by Drprim March 23, 2017

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One who uses far right safe space Parler for their social media needs
Bob didn't get his news from a regular source, instead he relied on his parlerphile ring for his information
by Drprim December 29, 2020

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Pronounced "Fuckwitter".

A person who voted in favour of Brexit despite not understanding the consequences. An insult based on the perception that those who voted for Brexit have a lower IQ than remain voters.
Secretary of state for Brexit : it will be easy to arrange a trade deal with Germany on cars
Person 2: but secretary, we cannot negotiate a deal with one country within the EU, that's not how a trading block works
Secretary of state for Brexit : oh
Person 2: you sir, are a Fuck quitter
by Drprim April 04, 2017

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The act of doing something bad to yourself to gain sympathy. Named after Nancy Mace who graffitied her own driveway to gain votes
Stop Maceing yourself
by Drprim June 02, 2021

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A euphemism for peadophillia, as in fucks miners.
I love Margaret Thatcher, and that's why I'm on the sex offenders register
by Drprim May 27, 2021

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