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A small society of people advocating individual style before passively following trends and the mainstream. Created by two Swedes; Adorian and the Licious

It's the belief of TrendGiveAfuck that by finding, and believing in your own personal style you grow as a person and live a happier, richer life. TrendGiveAfuck works with the most obvious expression of style - clothes, but uses it merely as a tool for exploration and concept transmitter, since style is something that comes from within, deriving from awareness.
- That guy over there got some swagger!
- Go figure, he's a member of TrendGiveAfuck.
by drinkbord April 04, 2010
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Something well good. Doesn't refer to physical size but rather the big amount of joy something brings.
This tune is king size!
by drinkbord December 29, 2011
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The ultimate, jaw-dropping, heart-breaking duo consisting of one hot blonde and one hot brunette.

Painfully sexy and beautiful and covers a lot of ground in terms of guys' preferences. Facts the blondette is well aware of.
Mighty mo, thats a hot blondette walking down the street!

Maddie and Jena should become friends - together they would be the perfect blondette.
by drinkbord December 29, 2011
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Word used to express good things, joy or awesomeness.
- Do you like my new jacket?
- It's captain!

- How was your weekend in Amsterdam?
- It was well captain!
by drinkbord December 29, 2011
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