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Emo chicks are so individual they all look alike. Feathered hair, and hare-brained, they say they don't follow the crowd, apart from the hundreds of thousands of other Emo's. Not to be confused with Elmo, who is actually lovable and is certainly individual. Emo's are so diverse they actually all like the same dull music. Most Emo's don't know who Dimebag Darrell was, but can name 20 mundane, talentless fucktards who pretend to play guitar.
A typical day for Emo Chicks...

Emo: " Oh my God, your like so Individual!"

Emo 2 : " OMG, like, so are you!"

Emo: " Let's all go see Death Cab for Cutie with the 10,000 other individuals who are there to watch bands that can barely string a guitar!"

Emo 2 : " Cool, and we can watch Johnny and Bobby suck each other off after with a bottle of cider!"

Emo: " Sweet!"
by Dream Theater rule! August 09, 2009
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