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when a male (mainly one who wears "mighty whities") lets out sperm befor having intercourse or way befor the girl has an orgasm
she dumped me b/c i am a premature ejaculator and i didnt please her
by dre dre August 20, 2004

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1) a complete and total idiot;see dumbass
2) a person who does random shit and is acting queer while doing it
dude your such a dilhole
by dre dre August 09, 2004

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1)being happy in the crotch area
2)having an erection causeing your pants to bulge
that chick makes me happy in the pants!
by dre dre August 21, 2004

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the act of having 3 or more persons participating in poking a dead specimen with sticks
lets start a Ribdomeech on that deer over there
by dre dre August 09, 2004

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A born and raised person residing on the most humble of all abodes in Key Biscayne, one that must comply with KR rules to become one.
Kendall Characters are not Key Rats, Refs are Not Key Rats
by Dre Dre February 18, 2004

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The rawest place to live in the miami area
The Key is the Key there is nothing better.
Lets go to the Key i hear there is a Kegger almost everynight
by Dre Dre February 20, 2004

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1) the act of working in a grocery store and being the "bag boy/girl"
2) having to place a paper bag over a girl/guy's head b/c they are not "idealistic" w/ facial features
1) i got a job for paperbagging at Ralph's
2) shes got a body but i would have to paperbag that
by dre dre August 09, 2004

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