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Ásta is a girl you have never met before. Shes always there for you and she never lets anyone bully her best friends.

She doesn’t hang around in big popular groups. She usually hangs around with her only and closest friends.

She always puts herself first witch is important. She’s not afraid to show who’s the boss.

Her friends look up to her because she’s so beautiful and perfect. But she doesn’t know that. She’s an artist.

She thinks she can’t do anything and she’s pretty shy at first. But once you get to know her she always knows how to light the room. It’s awkward without her...

She can be pretty cringy though XD but that’s just her personality. Besides, her friends are cringy to.

She’s not that noticed by the boys, because they’re afraid of her. They’re afraid because she’s special. They are just bunch of pussys after all.

If you ever get to know a Ásta well, your a lucky son of a bitch.
Ásta is a name
by Drake-paisen-gells January 07, 2018
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