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A small isolated community in Lewis County, Washington, so tight knit that the genetic differentiation is less than 0.05%.

Long revered of as a premier center for anthropological studies of the Neanderthal as it is one of the few places where the gene is still prevalent. A pristine example of hunter-gatherers frozen in time.

Adna is often frowned upon by societal norms due to the rampant incestuous relationships.

This is an extremely difficult population to integrate with, as the average Adnoid can smell different DNA and is extremely reluctant to breed outside of it's gene pool. Another unfortunate complication which prevents outside breeding is their extremely undersized phallus resulting in the normal homosapien female cervix being too deep into the reproductive canal to achieve fertilization. A truly sad instance of evolutionary misfortune.

The essentials of the average Adnoid are: Tanning beds, Northface Jackets, and of course, incredible amounts of steroids.
That was retarded, you sound like you're from Adna.

Yeah, my cousin's got married in Adna.

This baby has definite Adna characteristics, narrow eyes, slanted forehead and orange tanning bed skin.
by Dr. Isaac Kleiner February 12, 2011

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