23 definitions by Dr. Uncle Fucker Crapper John M.D.

America's premier ass kicking artist since the early 1960's.
Even at age 63 Chuck Norris can kick any guys ass in the US of A and most of the world and beyond!
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A cereal that claims it is kid tested, and mother approved. It may very well be mother approved, but you will notice they only say it is kid tested, but not approved. Perhaps because it isn't! Any normal kid thinks it tastes like crap!
Little Jimmy passes up all the other sweet cereals for plain Kix..only because he is in a commmercial and being paid big money!
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One who cheats at baseball using a corked bat or other tactics to attain record fame.
Dick was a sammy sosa because he cheated at baseball using sneaky tricks like corked bats, sandpaper, and nail files.
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A couple of fuckers who use Smuckers brand jelly as lube in their sex acts.
Yo, sugar pop lube my dick up with the Smuckers so we can get it on.
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The act of agressive ejaculator.
That Superman gots exuzva! He just shot his load 100 feet through a brick wall!
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The cheif or second in command of all faggots or gays in ones own domain or sphere of influence. Usually quite skilled at ass fucking and cock sucking. May also have the voice of a little girly boy.
Percy Jetter was a dainty little faggot captain who enjoyed ruling over his queer peers.
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The master of all fairies or gays in ones own domain or sphere of influence.
Dwyane was the fairy master of all his gay friends.
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