2 definitions by Dr. Strangefinger

The irritation of the upper thigh (where it meets the lower torso, around the junk) that occurs when it is hot and you are active and sweat gathers in the area as your thighs and junkage rubs together.
Hey Jordan, why are you walking like you are in pain? Well, I played hoops earlier and got gaulted, therefore my junkyard is in pain.
by Dr. Strangefinger June 24, 2017
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The tiny, wayword piece of lettuce that finds it's way into a bean burrito from Taco Bell, thus ruining an already difficult situation.
"How's your food, yo?"

"It was fine until I got a bite with blettuce!"

"Oh, that's turrible!"
by Dr. Strangefinger June 11, 2013
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