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A variant of "slut," meaning a promiscuous female, possibly practicing unnatural sex, or gay male. "Sloot" refers to the female variety, however. (The practice of unnatural sex, without a display of promiscuity, is not sufficient to merit a description as either a "slut" or a "sloot." See, e.g., "freak.")

Origins: The word "slut" is typically used to condemn the object of the description for her promiscuity and possibly unnatural sex. A straight male who describes a female as a "slut" is typically either disgusted by or otherwise angry at the object of the description. The word "sloot" is more sympathetic and merely identifies promiscuity in a female in a nongraphic, albeit dimunitive, fashion that often conveys interest in or amusement by the object of the description. It can also be used playfully as an exaggeration of a well-liked female in or out of her presence
Female: "She is such a slut. I don't want my boyfriend talking to her.
Female: "I hear she is such a slut in bed."
(notice inherent bitchiness)
Male: "Well, John, at least my sister isn't a fucking slut like yours!"
(notice distinct anger)


Male: "The party last night? Holy shit, there were some slOOts there."
Female: "You'se a sloooot, Angie." Angie throws a pillow at speaker, others laugh.
by Dr. Octagon December 18, 2007

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Evangelical, semi-theocratical movement or temperment of Americans who stand against abortion, sexual education, homosexuality, science, anti-Zionism, and the separation of church and state.

Origins: In the mid-2000s, the Bush administration refined its broadly titled "War on Terror" campaign to the "Fight Against Islamofascism." This transfered the stigma of the 9/11 attacks and that carried by our enemies in the Middle East from tactics (e.g., terrorism) to policies (e.g., a Muslim caliphate). Since politically-active Evangelicals seek to at least partially theocratize America, the term "Christofascism" appeared to take advantage of the Republican rhetorical realignment.

One uses the term perjoratively when calling someone else a Christofascist. It inherently accuses its object of disloyalty to democracy; it attempts to evoke the feelings of hostility towards Middle Eastern terrorists and transfer them to Evangelicals.

When discussed generally, Christofascism is a bold label for political Evangelism but does not sling as much mud as the former usage.
Andrew: I believe that America was chosen to be God's nation, and that the Framers intended for there to be no separation of church and state.
James: Like every other Christofascist, Andrew, you want to replace our Constitution with the Bible.

Moderator: Jennifer, I know that you are working on behalf of the Socialist candidate, but I'm wondering what you expect will be the ground effort that Evangelical Republicans make this year on behalf of the Republican candidate's campaign?
Jennifer: The important thing to remember about Christofascism is that they only participate in party politics when they believe it will advance their specific agenda. If the Republican candidate only campaigns on the economy and national security, the Christofascists will not go the extra mile in terms of campaign support that they tend to go when the nominee talks about abortion, public prayer, and gay marriage.
by Dr. Octagon December 31, 2007

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Derogatory term for a Chinese person, usually a first-generation Chinese-American.

Origins: Absurd marriage of "chink" and "nigger," either term being too harsh, but not implying that the object has any symptomology of black niggerdom.
Ben: Did you see Deixia's dad?
Jed: What a family of chiggers.
by Dr. Octagon December 22, 2007

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Proper noun: Nickname for the character of Rocky Dennis in the 1980s film "Mask" starring Eric Stoltz at Rocky and Cher as Rusty Dennis, Rocky's mom.

Origins: Rocky's story is that of a teenage boy afflicted by a rare disorder that leads to a gigantic, hideous head, and in Rocky's case, unrelenting optimism and heartwarming realism. His face is ridiculously ugly and made all the funnier by the fact that he enouncters constant adversity as a result of it yet he fails to withdraw into a cave where he probably belongs.

Usage: Those who are familiar with the film find it so unbelievably hilarious that they find themselves often using the word "Face" to refer simply to the character from Mask; the film becomes a renewable resource of humor in conversations with friends.

Can also be used as a reference point for someone's ugliness or quixotic ambition. In the film, Rocky hooks up with a hot blind chick, but her family eventually sees him and prevents the two from keeping in touch. Hence, "Face" can be used to inform someone that their romantic ambitions are naive and likely to fail.

In the second person, "Face" is almost always used as a sarcastic form of criticism.
Fraternity Pledgemaster: "I think Pledge Jones' proposed pledge name of 'Guernica' will be too obscure for some. Instead, because of his unfortunate appearance, he will be called 'Pledge Face.'"

Tim: "Dude, she's really cool. I really like hanging out with her."
Jeff: "Alright, Face..."

Bob: "That hat really helps her face. It's like when Face wears his Dodger's cap and everyone didn't know whether to laugh or scream."
by Dr. Octagon December 19, 2007

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Fan nickname of Olivia Benson, a detective character played by Mariska Hargitay on the popular American series, "Law & Order: SVU."

Benson never met her father because he was a common rapist who plugged Benzo's mother against her will and shot hot on the first attempt.

Usage: SVU fans who participate in the program verbally often dub over other characters' conversations with Benson such that she is constantly being dismissed or shamed because she is a "Rape Baby."
Benson: Who's the victim?
Stabler (another detective): 7 year-old girl, she watched her whole family die, then the killer locked her in a cage and left.
Benson: I'm going to try to talk to her. {Approaches the victim} Hi, sweetheart, my name is Olivia.
Victim: {Dubbed in child's voice} Listen Rape Baby, I need to talk to someone whose mother was not a cheap piece of rape bait.

Benson: Captain Kragen, I think that Elliot is wrong about this.
(Elliot) Stabler: Oh, come one, Captain, she's a RAPE BABY.
by Dr. Octagon January 02, 2008

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White trash synonym for ding dong ditch.
Harry: Did you guys ever go nigger knocking when you were kids?
Chris: What?
Harry: You know, nigger knocking, where you ring someone's door bell and then run away.
Chris: Do you mean ding-dong ditch?
Harry: Yeah!
Chris: That's the most white-trash way of describing that pastime I've ever heard.
Harry: Uh, well--
Chris: --But I like it much more.
by Dr. Octagon December 22, 2007

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