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Code word of the right used to cause arrogant leftist morons, screaming bigots, pissant racists, rainbow people with rainbow children, marxists, communists, fashionistas, and other toilet bowl lickers to go ballistic and strut their asshattery and ignorance.

Term coined by S. Palin, who knows how to push buttons of the particulalrly politically and intellectually stunted, inciting them to spout the Obamunist party line, to soil themselves, and to blame Geo. W. Bush for their incontinence, their stupidity, their feckless position in the world, and their inability to do more than receive handouts from the government.

A form of great amusement by GOP and T-Partiers, who love to see Lefties lose control and blow things up, go postal, and generally show what happens when half-breed fools infect government, as is their true nature.
Jesse Jackson should refudiate the next reach around offered by Al ("not too") Sharpton.
by Dr. Mhu Cao September 09, 2010

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Obama -

1.Official pecker cozie for George Soros. True to his roots, a no-account loser who feels entitled to weekly vacations, while the US and world are melting down around him.

2. Spoken of "as a dog" in reverence for his innate ability to piss on anything upright, desirable, and useful in the United States, and to leave steaming piles of crap wherever his union bosses tell him.

3. A one-term President -- if he's lucky. The first President displaced by a military coup, if not.
Why does Obama lick his sac? (1) Because he can. (2) No one else will. Why can't you? Because you fall off the couch each time you try.
by Dr. Mhu Cao September 09, 2010

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