11 definitions by Dr. GlitterSparkles

(verb) to needlessly extend one’s occupancy of a table, parking space, bathroom stall, or other shared area in order to interact with one’s smart phone, particularly when others are waiting to use the area for its intended purpose
Many vehicles searched for a place to park while he textended on his email.
by Dr. GlitterSparkles February 16, 2018
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Inadvertently placing a phone call while intimately engaged.
Oops. I sex-dialed my wife while I was with my boss. Now I’m in trouble.
by Dr. GlitterSparkles January 11, 2019
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A dessert served before a meal, as an hors d'oeuvre. Pronounced “deserve,” as in “I deserve a dessert before dinner.”
I hope they’re serving warm brownies as Des’oeuvres before dinner!
by Dr. GlitterSparkles March 10, 2020
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To obsessively cover every possible item with glitter or sparkles (obglitterator: one who obsessively covers every item with glitter or sparkles)
Wow, she obglitterated her bedroom—it’s blinding in there!
by Dr. GlitterSparkles March 10, 2020
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The quantity of fossil fuel (gasoline or Diesel) that is lost or wasted by someone idling their vehicle while interacting with a smartphone
Turn your engine off, dude. Idling in your air-conditioned car playing Candy Crush will lead to gallons of fossiloss.
by Dr. GlitterSparkles September 9, 2019
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An experience which produces as much fun, joy, and pleasure as receiving cunnilingus
Celebrating her 21st birthday with all her friends in the VIP suite was pure funnilingus!
by Dr. GlitterSparkles March 12, 2020
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(FUN + ConTINUATION) literally, to continue the fun.
After the concert, meet us on the roof for funtinuation! sarcastic: “ After our boring meeting, I have to meet with the boss for funtinuation. Yawn.”
by Dr. GlitterSparkles March 12, 2020
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