3 definitions by Dr. Gingerbreadkeemstar

Def 1: Someone who is fat and extremely ugly. Water on the brain big head. And also not a "good" person. He/she is rude, hateful and nasty. If you have an opinion different from he/she, he/she will be even more nasty; Vile mean spirited person.
Def 2: An angry midget wrestler.
Ex 1:

P1: Damn! Mrs. Collington is the worst PE substitute ever! She call me slow and she made me run mile when she couldn't even run!!! Plus she is a f$$king landwhale!!!
P2: Did you mean Mrs. Rosie O'Donnell?


P1: Can you imagine if Tom Cruise gain some weight and join WWE (world wrestling entertainment)?
P2: Fuck! We need no Rosie O'Donnell to wrestle!!!
by Dr. Gingerbreadkeemstar February 2, 2018
Def 1: An overly ego person who think he or she is a che guevara or "a savior". Even though in reality they are just a gayfish.
Def 2: Someone who made a $10 shoe $600 by calling it "Nike Air Yeezy"
Ex 1: Person 1: Have you heard of Logan Paul and Jake Paul?

Person 2: Did you mean Kanye West and Kanye West?
Ex 2: Person 1: Yo look at that shoe COST $600

Person 2: Because Kanye West call that plastic shit YEEZY!!! LeBron looks so much better!!!
by Dr. Gingerbreadkeemstar February 1, 2018
A club with IQ 10 or below who sleeps with Jake Paul who is a self-declared genius.
P1: Whats 1 + 1

P2: 11?
P1: Congrat! You can join Team 10!!!
by Dr. Gingerbreadkeemstar February 1, 2018