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LMU is different from USC and UCLA. It's a quiet little university with palm trees around the courtyards between the buildings. Has the advantages that all schools near a big city have (theaters, museums). The small size of the student population makes the learning experience that much better. They have a great fitness center and great facilities overall. The film school is growing, and it's political science, business, and communications programs are all strong points. The students are friendly and the curriculum is great. Not to mention, the girls are very good looking.
Bro 1: Hey, I totally want to go to USC or UCLA!
Bro 2: But what about Loyola Marymount University?
Bro 3: Yeah I've heard of that place! The students are chill, the girls are hot, the facilities rock, the courses are awesome, the faculty are exceptional, and it's in LA!
Bro 1: That sounds so chill!
by Dr. Dre's Nephew February 13, 2009
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