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(1) A real prep is a person, male or female who is normally a White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant, or WASP. Preps can be any religion, however. A prep is rich because of old money inherited and passed down to other generations. Preps live in Colonial style houses in New England. Preps shop at places like IZOD, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Orvis, Lily Pulitzer and other boutiques. Preppy people wear pastels, polo shirts, khakis, sweaters, sun dresses, birkenstocks, TEVAs, Docksiders, belts and ribbons. Materials of choice are wool, cotton, corduroy, silk and occasionally denim.Preps play tennis, golf, squash, raquet ball and field hockey. You will see a prep driving a stereotypical car like a BMW, a flashy Mercedes, a classy Jaguar, a boxy Volvo or any convertible (Volkswagen Beetle convertible) or SUV (Isuzu Trooper). A true prep is not spoiled and gets all good things in moderation. Preps belong to country clubs (inland) or yacht clubs for those lucky enough to live on the coast or near a large body of water. Preps go to Beer Blasts and can be stuffy. Contrary to popular beliefs, true preps do not make fun of punks, goths or any other group. Preps are not brought up mean, and do not have time to make fun of people.
(2)A person, male or female, who shops at AE, Aeropostale, A&F and other "preppy stores." Acts ditzy to get friends or seem easy. Plays soccer or lacrosse, normally. They have some money. These fake preppy bitches have no problem making fun of people/ making others feel bad and out of place This is not a true "prep" however.
(1) Bif: Well good afternoon, Martha, how are you?
Martha: I am well, thank you for asking, and you?
Bif: I picked my BMW up from the shop and went to the Yacht Club.
Martha: Oh, peachy!
Bif: Indeed.

(2) Kathy: Like oma-gah. I like broke an effin' nail. Son of a bee!
Don: Will you give me some behind the bleachers?
Kathy: Haha, duh!
Don: I'm cool because I pretend to be a prep but end up being a poseur instead.
Kathy: I am soooo dumb.. L O L!
by Dr. Doctor August 23, 2005

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