12 definitions by Dr. Bota

Looking to the left and/or right. According to the studies of Bota Institutions, reasons are: masking embarrassment, searching for something, a gaze, sarcasm, absent-mindedness, bewilderment, confusion, direction, etc.

Ways to look: Soy, Oy, Loy, Doy.
Helen looks to the left after checking her phone: That’s a loy.
by Dr. Bota September 13, 2021
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November 2nd is the official US National holiday: CEO Day.
I'm so happy it's CEO Day that I'm living my life the way I want and need to, every day of my life.
Excellence is normal.
by Dr. Bota November 02, 2021
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Self-domination. A state of being where you love yourself, unconditionally and reasonably. To throw yourself onto yourself, one on top of the other until you are a pile.
by Dr. Bota September 13, 2021
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Looking straight-forward or up. Common reasons: Conviction, Direction, Attentiveness, Patience, Kindness, Purpose.

Ways of looking: Soy, Oy, Loy, Doy.
Kayden Will points up at the sky while looking up, and there’s an explosion with a light and a big, bright star.

Leia: That’s a soy.
by Dr. Bota September 13, 2021
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Soy - Looking forward and/or up. Usually with conviction, attentiveness, direction and/or some sort of understanding.
Oy - Looking backwards and/or Catch-all, misc looks aside from Soy, Loy and Soy. Usually it's somewhat off, cognitive dissonance and/or miscellaneous.
Loy - Sideways glance or look, left or right. Usually out of curiosity, reflex and/or sarcasm.
Doy - Looking downwards, smiling and tucking hair behind ear is optional. Usually out of happiness, affection, peace, indifference and/or neutral.

Diagonal examples: Sloy, Soy-oy, Sdoy, Ldoy, Loy-oy, Doy-oy, Dloy, Soy-oy-oy, etc.
Four ways to look at people, places and things. SOLD can be good, bad, okay and/or neutral. Results may vary.
As I look forwards, backwards, left, right and down, I'm SOLD.
by Dr. Bota September 14, 2021
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Looking backwards or in a way that is not Soy, Loy and Doy. Catch-all term for what? or other.

Common reasons: bewilderment, searching for something, confusion, uncertainty, etc.
I look with questions I don’t understand: That’s an oy.
by Dr. Bota September 13, 2021
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Gender Identity Variant
Anyone can be whoever they want.

Antishoplifting Mom

Questioning Dad

Lady Uncle
Uncle’s Cousin

Gentleman Aunt
Aunt’s Distant Cousin

It's up to you, we're all guys family identities.

Mother can Uncle's Cousin is Questioning Dad.
by Dr. Bota November 16, 2021
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