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Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is what you say to express frustration, surprise or shock.

It can be said under your breath, in a moaning voice, screamed out loud, and in many other different forms.
Mrs. Zeiber: Over the Christmas Holiday, you have 16 pages of Social Studies to complete, and a math test the day you get back.
Shaya: Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!?!?!?!
by Doyouknowthewordsthatiknow? December 23, 2018

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Aw dang is the word that you say when you are slightly disappointed, but you don't care much about it.

If you are very disappointed, you will not use this word.

Also, if you, for example, don't make a part you really hoped for, you would most likely not use this word. However, if your friend doesn't make the part in a play they wanted, it would make sense to say aw dang. This said, you could also use this word when you are truly sad, but don't want anyone to know (see example two).

This word is closely related to the word oh dang.
Example One
Rob: I failed my math test!
Kristy: Aw dang!

Example Two
Shennelle: Aw dang! I let in three goals!

Suzie: You don't care?
Shennelle: Nah, it's just a game!

Shennelle (on the inside): OH MY GOSH I LOST THE GAME FOR US ALL!
by Doyouknowthewordsthatiknow? December 23, 2018

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In an easily irritated or annoyed manner.
My friend is such a petulant person.

My mom is tired of dealing with us petulant children.
by Doyouknowthewordsthatiknow? November 19, 2018

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