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Twitterbate (verb) - To use Twitter.com in a manner that is fast-paced; constantly clicking, tweeting, adding friends, replying, and so forth. The user tends to have feelings of excitement, anxiety, or tension and usually yearns in real-time for the next action from the tweet community by staring at the auto-refresh of the internet browser.
Twitterbation Twitterbating
The twitter community is buzzing today. Everyone's tweeting with the news. I'm sure I'll twitterbate all morning.
by Doubledown Tandino February 01, 2009

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Equally skilled in completing computer tasks while maintaining multiple instant message conversations.
"WOW you said you are surfing the web and talking to someone else while you're IMing me too? You're very IMbidextrous."
by Doubledown Tandino October 06, 2008

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A tool, device, handy utility, or gadget used within a synthetic virtual world, metaverse, or MMPORPG. A metapparatus is generally invented and built by users of the virtual world, rather than a non-user created device. A metapparatus is generally used to work with other users in socialization, collaboration, building, creating user content, and increased ease of Avatar use inworld.
"Please attach your metapparatus for our virtual seminar so you will hear the guest speaker and be able to interact with the presentation"
by Doubledown Tandino October 06, 2008

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Urinating while using mouthwash.
I was in a rush this morning. I listertinkled in the shower and I was out the door in two minutes.
by Doubledown Tandino October 24, 2009

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What is happening?
Short for 'What is the happenstance?"

Nada, just chillin'.
by Doubledown Tandino October 06, 2008

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