1 definition by Dookie Monsta

noun: HANNA; plural noun: NONE

1. a strong feeling in the butt.
"You really pulled in hard in my Hanna Montana"
synonyms: deep, fondness, tenderness, warmth, intimacy, attachment, endearment; Moredevotion, adoration, doting, idolization, worship; passion, ardour, desire, lust, yearning, infatuation, adulation, besottedness

•doggy style, butt plug, constant pain, sterilizing enigma, astranomical enter,

antonyms: Banded

•a strong feeling of affection and sexual attraction for someone.
"they were both in love with her hanna montana"
synonyms: besotted with, infatuated with, enamoured of, smitten with, passionate about, with a passion for, consumed with desire for; Morecaptivated by, bewitched by, enthralled by, entranced by; devoted to, doting on; informalmad/crazy/nuts/wild/potty about, bowled over by, carrying a torch for "I'm in love with Gillian"

•affectionate greetings conveyed to someone on one's behalf.
"give her my hanna montana when she straps it on"
synonyms: Butt Sex, Booty Call, Farty Lil Stinker

•a formula for ending an affectionate letter.
"take care, I enjoyed your Hanna Montana, Judy"

2. a great interest and pleasure in something.
"his love for football as much as I like getting plowed in my hanna montana"
synonyms: liking, weakness, partiality, bent, leaning, proclivity, inclination, disposition; More
"I'm un-sure if I i'm ready to take it in the Hanna Montana"

"he is confident that their love can survive, if he puts it in her hanna montana"

"their love for the butt is love for the hanna montana"
by Dookie Monsta November 6, 2013