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A git, a fool, an individual not able to drink more than 3 beers at a time without falling over.

Chaucer (Misc.) "It is ye yeh doodey that hath drunk much and shat yourself..."
One who trades DCDs, one who trades makes poor products in structured products.
by Doodey E July 30, 2004
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n. One who is a tool, an individual who buys lunch with coupons, an person who drinks 3 Calvados falls of his chair and sings "Sophie Chap is my Cat" rather too loudly.

(alternative def.) One who makes a living selling wealth management solutions
Loo at that guy with the Tevas and wite socks. What a Toolio !!

Hey Toolio, buy the beers before I kick you up yer backside !!
by Doodey E July 30, 2004
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n. A selection of esoteric indiviudals that spend their time comtemplating selling various form of structured products whilst not actually selling any.
I am going to Tibet to seek out the monks, the lamas, and Wealth Management Sales.
by Doodey E July 30, 2004
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Abbr. "World's Hardest Worker"

An individual (usually female) that is constantly exhausted from talking about all the work that he (she) hasn't actually quite got around to yet (ever).

A WHW is usually remains in its favourite habitats (coffee room, outside having a smoke, restaurants, bars, etc.) and will virtually never be spotted at his (her) place of vocation.
Wow that WHW looks exhausted, she must have been doing nearly nothing all day! The poor thing!

That poor WHW got no bonus even though she really did no work whatsoever all year !! The poor thing!

I went down to the coffee room and was realyy surprised not to see the WHW there ?!?
by Doodey E August 5, 2004
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