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Why were you born!? oh large and crusty one. master of the dragon lords are you! with powerful sword and mindless violence you destroy them to bits and bones! strong are you, master of the sword, concuctor of evil spirits and horrible child head cancer! they fall at your feet and succumb to your powerful mind bending arithmatic artichoke attacks. arghhhhhhh! why wont you let them sleep? sleep themselves from the coma of life littered elephants! oooooooo bacon fudge nuggets with tobasco sauce and crohns disease. let them free! they will love you more bopple wopp with exercise and congeniality click fock of a german house wifes wall clock! be gone foul demon of washed up spaghetti pancreatic fluid imposed jum jum. life is too much like sqiurrels wearing clogs and tap tap tappin whilst your rap rap rappin. Be strong oh impervious ridged judas look-a-like! your time will come with fish in sock blender! death is your escape, but mooko juice is just as effective forhead scarf rape. i say never to the giraffes but always to the rhinocerous. remeber my words of reasonalby wisdom
Badgers love to be with other badgers, but they wont care if they have no heads.
by Dont u think im sexy? April 14, 2005
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When you have anal sex with someone, who produces a lot of mucus out of their arsehole, and it gets up your urethra and seeps out when you have a slash, like you have some horrible STD discharge. (Can be mistaken for snot cock, when you sneeze in your own hand and then proceed to masterbating with the same hand for lube, post-nasal pleasure)
Uh! you dirty fuck! youve gone and given me a weepy peepy. Go wipe your arse out and we will carry on.
by Dont u think im sexy? April 11, 2005
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