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Mom granny is a woman who divorces her husband to marry his father...
I love going to my grand parents house for weekend visitations and getting to spend time with my mom granny because my dad is always being a dick since she left his ass....
by Donnie america January 20, 2018
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A woman who divorces her husband to marry his brother
My uncle arron came over and yelled at my dad for not paying my aunt mom child support on time.
by Donnie america January 19, 2018
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The male Karen. Steve will bully people and then cry to management when someone says something to him. Steve thinks that he is always right and has narcissistic tendencies. Steve also listens to creed as he jacks off and cries at the same time. Steve will always out Karen Karen any day of the week and twice on sundays.
That guy is being such a Steve, he’s gonna speak to the manager about his small to-go tea

That guy sure is a real asshole, he’s being a real Steve !
by Donnie america September 10, 2021
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