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The name has originated from ancient italian history. It was usually given as a nick-name for people with a rather weak mind or severe mental retardation. The Matteo Barattas usually were quite outspoken and very much enjoyed to give their opinion, although nobody really cared. They continuously try to accomplish things in life, but are always doomed to fail. If they succeed in forming a relationship with the opposite sex, then their partner will always be the dominant part of the relationship. Matteo Barattas are becoming exceedingly rare and have been considered a endangered species for quite some decades. Some encounter these rare beings occasionally and are those unfortunate people are doomed to be scarred for life.
Francesco: Did you see the Matteo Baratta over there?

Donald: Indeed I did. Im afraid I shall never recover.
by Donaldovich Brankanodicho March 19, 2010

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